GC Tactical 

Tactical Security Training 

GC Tactical - Use Of Force Training

Training and Performance is one of the most important components within the International Security and  Law Enforcement Industry.

Within the  private security industry, GCT is known to deliver some of the most comprehensive and specialized security training programs relating to the Use of Force and Physical Intervention.


Its foundation based in Military and Canadian Police Tactical Training, the GCT Training System is Internationally recognized and utilized by Law Enforcement and Private Security Agencies.

For over 10 Years, GCT has represented the highest level in Personal Protection, Law Enforcement Equipment and Private Security Training Programs.

GCT provides its clients with customized Tactical Weapons & Security Training Programs, as well as Executive Protection Operatives and Independent Private Security Contracting Services.

GCT -  Setting the standard and the preferred choice for the Private Security Industry.
Handcuffing and Baton Training