Tactical Security Training

Active Shooter & Emergency Training - Threat Assessment

Training Description

The GCTactical Lock-down & Emergency Training Program teaches you about violent intruder situations, active shooter situations (Firearms Intruder Situation), and how a Lock-down procedure is used to protect and remove students, faculty, staff and guests from a violent or potentially violent situation.

You will learn how your establishment (Hotel, University, Complex)  should respond to such situations, as well as basic police response procedures to violent intruder situations, allowing you to prepare and organize until authorities arrive.

Lock-down techniques are applicable to your specific environment, and also to other locations where violent incidents may occur. Mock scenarios and timed Lock-downs will be conducted.

This training can be provided as general awareness to all staff members, as well as more specialized training for security staff in conducting proper room entries and searches for injured individuals, as well as potentially violent intruders in hostile situations.

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