Tactical Security Training

Tactical Handcuffing & Expandable Baton

Use Of Force Training System - Handcuffing and Baton Certification

The GCT Tactical Handcuffing & Use of Force Training Program will ensure you receive the proper training and knowledge in the use of Handcuffs and Expandable Baton.

This one day  training program provides the candidate with proper Take-Down Techniques, Subject Control Tactics, as well as Ground Defense Techniques. Use of Force Competency Certification Card is provided upon successful completion of the program.

A practical and hands on training approach is delivered by knowledgeable and experienced Certified GCT Instructors.

GCT is an Internationally  Recognized Use of Force System which has been modified from current police procedures to accommodate the specific training requirements of the Private Security Industry.

The GCT Training System sets the standard and is utilized by Security & Investigation Agencies.


Program Overview

Tactical Communication
Situational Awareness
Conflict Resolution
Proper use of Handcuffs
Passive Handcuffing
Active Handcuffing
Non-compliant Cuffing
Take-down Techniques
Grounding Techniques
Suspect Control Techniques
Knife Defense
Defensive Tactics
Pressure Point Control Techniques
Proper use of Baton
Ground Defense Tactics
Positional Asphyxia
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